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Hello! I am so glad I found this blog as I am in desperate need of a cap of Elijah just backing his way into Adam's premiere photos from the Season Finale Two Plane Rides. That was the funniest moment of the series for me. Is there any way that you guys could possibly be kind enough to cap that? If so you are amazing and if not thanks for reading this anyway! :)

LOL ELIJAH IS AMAZING, he might be the best thing to happen to the show. I will do it right now!!!

If anyone has requests from the finale, they are open! 

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Anonymous whispered:
Hi! I looove your blog. I have two requests if you have time: 1. When Elijah is talking about Marnie and says "she sucks and she needs to stop." 2. When Jessa says "Yes, I can alphabetize. Why? Did someone tell you otherwise?" They're both from the most recent episode. Thanks!

Thank you so much! And I just posted them, sorry this is kind of late. Last Sunday’s ep was really funny lol. Thanks for requesting!! 

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